Team Member

Dr. Shiv Joshi

CEO, Co-founder and Principal Engineer, PhD Purdue University Areas of Expertise: Composites, Smart Structures, Hypersonic Materials

Dr. Jay Kudva

Founder and Principal Engineer, PhD Virginia Tech Areas of expertise –Morphing Structures, Smart Materials, Structurally Integrated Antennas, Exoskeletons

Scott Bland

CTO, MS Virginia Tech Areas of Expertise – Structural and design, Hypersonic materials, structures and testing; novel sensors

John Flanagan

Co-founder and Manager, Fabrication and Testing Areas of expertise –WT model design, fabrication and testing; design and fabrication of novel UAVs; Low-cost manufacturing

Dr. Richard ‘Bram’ Bramlette

PhD University of Kansas Areas of expertise – Aircraft and missiles design; CFD; wind tunnel testing; propulsion systems