Design and Analysis

NextGen design expertise spans the range from conceptual to detailed design of subsonic, supersonic, and hypersonic aircraft and missiles including the conceptual design of fighter aircraft with laser weapons, novel propulsion systems including RDEs, hypersonic missiles, hybrid-electric aircraft, and others.

A prime example is the 750 lbs. Big-Antenna Small Structure enhanced Technologies (BASSET) UAV – we developed the concept, performed detailed design, fabricated the UAV and successfully flight tested it under a $4M Phase III SBIR from AFRL.

With proven expertise, backed by extensive experience on military and commercial programs such as F/A-18, YF-23, B-2, B747, TSSAM and F-5 in stress analysis of composite and metallic structures, internal & external loads development, aeroelasticity, fatigue spectra generation, durability and damage tolerance analysis, the NextGen team is ready to provide quality cost-effective engineering services to execute your projects.

Engineering Process Innovation

We strive to innovate at every level. Utilizing an array of automated computation and documentation techniques, we have consistently shown the ability to reduce complex analysis tasks from days to hours, all while improving accuracy and repeatability. We use this combination of attitude and capability to make effective and efficient use of our customers’ resources.

Modeling and Simulation

Our capabilities range from molecular-level studies of interfaces to advanced continuum techniques to tackle very large deformations on impact to modeling and simulation of complete vehicle dynamics. Our experience in blending modeling with experiments allows guided design and optimization. With our expertise, we eliminate costly trial and error, hence reducing the time to discover new materials and develop operational systems.